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Doing something is better than nothing. Standing is better than sitting, walking is better than standing...... and if we look at steps, doing any less than 4000/day is not going to be very good. But, if you only walk on average 2000/day then increasing to 2200/day will show an improvement in your health status. But I would suggest striving for a minimum of 4000/day, but the build up to at least 8000/day from there. Aim to increase steps by 10% every week. Make sure to include Resistance Training as a PRIORITY. This will improve health and fitness significantly. Body weight exercises are perfect for this but lifting/carrying heavy things as much as possible is the way to go.


Two main rules;
1. Energy Balance
2. Nutrient Quality

1. In order to manage body weight, mostly referring to fat here, then this is the number one priority to focus on. Calories In versus Calories Out. it doesn't matter what type of food you eat, if energy balance is not adhered to then weight management is not going to happen optimally.

2. Different types of foods will have a better effect on health status as opposed to others. The nutrients in foods vary greatly, its no surprise to hear that a mars bar is less nutritious than a handful of almonds, but the energy is similar.

Blood Pressure


Cardiovascular Disease


How to talk with Healthcare Professionals

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